IKONY PRAWOSŁAWIA Matka Boska z Białyniczy 20 Rubli Białoruś 2014 Srebrna Moneta
Stempel lustrzany z pozłoceniem.
CAPRICORN SWISS WILDLIFE 2$ Niue 2014 Silver CoinUltra High Relief
Ultra High Relief 9/10mm. Antique Finish
SUPERBIA PRIDE Pieter Bruegel Seven Vices Niue Island 2013 Silver Coin
First coin series -  Niue Islands 2013 Superbia Pr...
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STAGBEETLE INSECT OF THE YEAR 2OZ High Relief 10$ Fiji 2014 Silver Coin
Silver Coin Fiji 2014  High Relief 2OZ
YEAR OF THE HORSE Blister 1 Niue Island 2014 Silver Coin LUNAR CALENDAR
Proof with pad printing.Shape Horse head.  ...
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GLADIATORS PROVOCATOR 10 Fiji 2013 Silver Coin
Silver Coin Gladiators Provocator Antique  Fiji 20...
ICON OF THE SAINTS Cyril and Methodius 100D Macedonia Silver Coin 2014

Proof Silver Coin with gold plating

TREE OF LUCK 2$ Niue 2016 Silver Coin 1 Oz Insert Amber
Silver coin LOVE - LOVE Niue Islands 2011....
ICON OF THE SAINTS Faith Hope Love 100D Macedonia Silver Coin 2014
Silver Coin Gilded plater Macedonia 2014
CROCEYE XL Relief 2$ Niue Island 2013 Silver Coin
Silver coin Crocodyle skin XL Relief Ag 999. ...
MOON Earth's Satellite 20$ Cook Islands Silver Coin 2017
Silver Coin Moon Cook Islands 2017  ...
ALBRECHT DURER Rhinoceros 5$ Cook Islands 2013 Silver Coin
Silver coin AG 925  Albrecht Durer Rhinoceros
NANO EXPLORATION of The Universe 10$ Cook Islands Silver Coin 2013 KWNmonety
Nano Space SILVER Ag 925 Cook Island 2013 SILVER C...
GREAT BARRIER REEF 2OZ High Relief 20$ Fiji 2013 Silver Coin
High Relief minting with colored relief and partia...
FRESK pod kopułą Katedra Santa Maria del Fiore 2014 Niue Island 1Kilo SREBRNA MONETA
KILOGRAMOWY SREBRNY ZESTAW   - Do monety jest doł...
CAPERCAILLIE SWISS WILDLIFE 2$ Niue 2014 Silver Coin Ultra High Relief
Ultra High Relief Silver Coin...
TRIPTYCH ICON OF THE SAINTS  3X10D Silver Set Macedonia 2017

Proof Silver Coin with pad priting

LEO Signs of the Zodiac 10D Macedonia 2014 Silver Coin
Proof with gold printing (ink with 24K gold powder...
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