APOCALYPSE II ATLAS Maya Calendar 10$ Fiji 2012 Silver Coin

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APOKALYPSE II ATLAS Maya Calendar 10$ Fiji 2012



Theme Background:
The next coin series Apocalypse Maya Calendar ATLAS - The legend of Atlas, who was perceived from his God and father to take responsibility of Mother Earth, even against his own ideas, should teach us that every human has a piece of responsibility to Mother Earth and each needs to make a contribution to its conservation. Atlas was the son of the first Ancient Greeks Gods, the Titans and is one of the most well known Titans for many reasons. One is the war that lasted for tens years when he got most of the Titans and many of the gods and goddesses to rebel against Zeus. All of the Titans were punished in some fashionable manner that Zeus thought would be rightful but he singled out Atlas and sentenced him to the most terrible punishment he could think of. Atlas was to be the bearer of the Heaven for evermore. Atlas was the one who turned the heavens upon their axis making the stars to revolve in a certain order and direction. Atlas continues to be a commonly used icon as a symbol of strength or stoic endurance. He is often shown kneeling on one knee while supporting an enormous globe on his back and shoulders

MAYA CALENDAR Apocalypse  II Atlas-The coin is included in our original  certificate,and presentation wooden box. Mintage of 1.000 pieces.

Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                                10$ Fiji 2012.
Mintage                                                                            1.000pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                                Ag 925 /(20gr)
Diameter                                                                    54,0x32,0 mm.

     Silver Coin glas- inlet. APOCALYPSE II ATLAS MAYA CALENDAR 10$ fIJI
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