BIBLICAL STORIES Birth of Jesus 2$ Palau 2012 Silver Coin KWNmonety

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BIBLICAL STORIES Birth of Jesus Silver Coin

Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                                           2$ Palau 2012.
Mintage                                                                                          1.000pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                                            Ag 925/(1/2oz)
Diameter                                                                                       35,00mm.

            Silver Coin 1/2oz Biblical Stories  

Theme Background:The next coin series Biblical Stories .The Bible is a collection of sacred scripture of both Judaism and Christianity. There is no single version: both the individual books (Biblical canon) and their order vary. The Hebrew Bible contains 24 books that were rearranged into 39 by Christian denominations, while complete Christian Bibles range from the 66 books of the Protestant canon to 81 books in the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible.The coin is included in our original  certificate,and box. Mintage up to 1.000 pieces.

BIBLICAL STORIES Silver Coin 2012  


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