CAPERCAILLIE SWISS WILDLIFE 2$ Niue 2014 Silver Coin Ultra High Relief

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Capercaillie  2$ Niue Island 2014

 Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                         2$ Niue Islands 2014.

Mintage                                                                  up to 999 pcs.

Silver/Weight                                                          Ag 999.(1oz) Antique Finish  9-10mm

Diameter                                                                40,00 mm.

                         " Ultra High Relief "

Theme Background: The next coin  Swiss Wildlife · Capercaillie. The wild hare has become rare The.SERIES Swiss WildlifeThe Capercaillie, or Mountain Cock, is the largest of all grouse species and lives in conifer-dominated, open mountain forests with sandy areas for sand bathing and possibility to start fly as well as little disturbance by humans :) Due to staying at the same place all the year long there has to be enough food like blueberries, spruce needles and insects.For decades, there has been a significant decrease in their population throughout Central Europe and the impressive mating display is becoming an increasingly rare sight. The status in Switzerland is scarcely breeding resident.The cocks strut around the courting ground (lek) with fanned tail, drooping wings, ruffled up beard feathers anderect neck. You need to be lucky and patient if you want to observe this imposing bird during the mating season. The mating call starts with a “rattling” that accelerates to a “cork-pop” note and finishes with a grinding sound. The male birds get very aggressive and even attack humans. The hens, which are about a third smaller, choose the cock they wish to mate with!

·   -The coin is included in our original  certificate and etui. Mintage of  999 pieces.



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