STAGBEETLE INSECT OF THE YEAR 2OZ High Relief 10$ Fiji 2014 Silver Coin

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Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                          10$ Fiji 2014.
Mintage                                                                   500pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                            Ag 999 /(2OZ )
Diameter                                                                 50,00 mm.

                     "High Relief minting with digital printing 5C on the relief"

Theme Background:TheStag beetles are the largest terrestrial European insects, named because the male’s huge jaw-like mandibles look just like a stag’s antlers. They spend about five years as white grubs underground and emerge as fully grown adult insects in spring. They are quite harmless – although they can give you quite a shock if they bump into you while flying around on summer evenings looking for a mate! The stag beetle has a very long life cycle lasting at least four years and possibly up to seven.
Once they have mated, the females lay small, round eggs below ground in rotting wood, particularly log piles, rotting tree stumps and old fence posts. These larvae feed on the decaying wood around them for at least three years after which they will begin to pupate into adults. Around the middle of May the adults begin to emerge above ground, males a little earlier than the females. In these days by the end of August to mis of September, as summer fades, most of them will die. Although the male's mandibles seem threatening, they are too weak to be harmful. Nevertheless, females can inflict a painful bite. It is the resemblance of the male's mandibles to the horns of a stag, and their use in combat between males, much like with deer, that gives the species its scientific and common names. 


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