FILIGRE SNAKE Silver Coin 1$ Fiji 2013

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FILIGREE SNAKE Silver Coin 1$ Fiji 2013



Theme Background:
Fiji Filigree Snake collector coin is one of Mint of Finland’s Year of the Snake collector coins. The snake is a convenient theme for coins, because in Chinese horoscope the wise snakes are good with money. In Japan, snake is a symbol of wealth, and therefore some people put the skin of a snake into their wallet because they believe it brings good luck. In the centre of the coin, ultra-fine silver thread forms a snake symbolizing intelligence, happiness and auspiciousness for the Chinese people. The filigree is created through a goldsmith’s technique of beating thin silver threads into shapes. The silver thread is little thicker than a human hair so creating the filigree effect requires individual working and is extremely demanding.

Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                                1$ FIJI 2013.
Mintage                                                                           4.000pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                               Ag 99.9/(20,5gr)
Diameter                                                                           38,61mm.

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