ICON OF THE SAINTS Cyril and Methodius 100D Macedonia Silver Coin 2014

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ICON OF THE SAINTS Cyril and Methodius 


Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                       100Denars 2014.
Mintage                                                                  up to 5.000 pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                          Ag 925.(31,1gram)
Diameter                                                                35,0 x 45,0mm.

                             "Proof with gold plating"

Theme Background: Cyril and Methodius" is the first coin from the new series "Icons of the Saints"  Each design from this series will be minted as: silver 1oz and 500o pieces coins. Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers born in Macedonia, the apostles of the Slavs, received their title for christianizing the Danubian Slavs and for influencing the religious and cultural development of all Slavic peoples. Scholars, theologians and linguists. They were honoured by Pope John Paul II in his 1985 encyclical "Slavorum Apostoli".Obverse/On the top of the coin coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia. In the centre the images of 7 Saints: St Naum, St Sava, St Clement, St Methodius, St Cyril, St Gorazd and St Angelarius ( St Cyril and St Methodius with their 5 pupils). The images of the Saints are dated from 18th century from the monasteries in Ohrid (Macedonia) and Ardenica (Albania). Below the Saints the monastery in Ohrid (Macedonia). Inscriptions: "2014", "100 Denars", "Republic of Macedonia" (in Macedonian), "Ag 925" and "31.1g".Reverse-In the centre of the coin Saint Methodius (on the left) and Saint Cyril (on the right). They are holding a Bible in their hands. St Cyril is holding a roll with Cyrillic alphabet. On the top of the coin an inscription: "St Methodius St Cyril" (in Macedonian). Around the coin ornament. Gold plated ornaments, Bible and few elements on their ropes..ICON OF THE SAINTS -The coin is included in our original  certificate.Etui book .Mintage of  5,000 pieces. 


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