METEORITE HAH 280 Silver Coin 5$ Cook Islands 2010.

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The meteorite Hammadah al Hamra 280 (HAH 280) was found in the year 2000 in Jabal al Gharb in the Hammadah al Hamra region in Libya. 280 stands for the number of catalogued meteorites found in this area. As a so-called carbonaceous chondrite the HAH 280 is classified in the very rare CK4 group. The scientific analysis confirms which are about 700 million years older than our 4,5 billion year old solar system, provide the evidence. The meteorite HAH 280 originates from the so-called asteroid-belt. Today it is generally assumed that this belt arose from a primordial solar nebula. Researches have shown that in CK4 meteorites up to 220 amino acids exist. These provide the basis for the proteins, the components of the cells. Therefore speculations present themselves that possibly exactly such meteorites like the HAH 280 could have brought the basis for life on earth.

Meteorite HAH 280 - Silver Proof Coin Cook Islands 2010

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