METEORITE ABEE 10$ Fiji 2012 Silver Coin

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METEORITE ABEE 10$ Fiji 2012

Technical Specifications:


Year Emission                                                                10$ Fiji 2012.

Mintage                                                                            999pcs.

Silver/Weight                                                                Ag 999 /(20gr)

Diameter                                                                    40,00 mm.


            Silver Coin - METEORITE Cosmic Fireballs ABEE




Temat  ;Silver Coin the Abee meteorite had a number of weird minerals where oxygen is not around. In its place within the Abee meteorite was sulfur.
The inner structure of Abee meteorite had weird breccia. Basically, what this means is that the composition was like a rock, which had a number of pointy pieces in it that were cemented together in a matrix format.
The clastic form of the rocks reflects the meteor’s makeup and in this case it had some metal in it. None of the other meteors discovered have this type of structure and is therefore classified as unusual.

METEORiTE ABEE   10$ FIJI  2012