VIRGO Sings of the Zodiac 10D Macedonia 2014 Silver Coin

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VIRGO Sings of the Zodiac Macedonia 2014

Technical Specifications:

 Year Emission                                                          10D Macedonia 2014.

Mintage                                                                   7.000 pcs.

Silver/Weight                                                            Ag 925 /(21,gram)

Diameter                                                                  45 x 35 mm.

                     " Proof with gold printing (ink with 24K gold powder), cobalt glass insert "

Theme Background:

"Virgo" is the second coin from the series "Zodiac signs" issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.Obverse-In the centre of the upper part of the coin coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia. Around the coin inscriptions and symbols: "Republic of Macedonia" (In Macedonian), symbols of the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, "2014", "10 denars" (in Macedonian), the hallmark "Ag 925", symbol of the planets: Saturn, Uranus , Neptune and Pluto. In the centre of the coin: on the left an image of the sun, on the right an image of the moon, hourglass in the middle.Reverse-On the left side of the coin an image of a girl on the astral swing, on the right cobalt glass insert depicting sky with the Virgo constellation. Around the coin ornaments of flowers and stars. On the bottom a symbol of the Virgo zodiac sign, flower on the background as well as the inscription "VIRGO". Few flowers gold printed as well as hair and few parts of girl's dress..The coin is included in our original  certificate and etui. Mintage of  7,000 pieces.




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