SAGITTARIUS Sings of the Zodiac 10D Macedonia Silver Coin 2014

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SAGITTARIUS Sings of the Zodiac Macedonia

Technical Specifications:

 Year Emission                                                          10D Macedonia 2014.

Mintage                                                                   5.000 pcs.

Silver/Weight                                                            Ag 925 /(21,gram)

Diameter                                                                  45 x 35 mm.

" Proof with gold printing (ink with 24K gold powder), cobalt glass insert "

Theme Background:

"Sagittarius" is the fifth coin from the new series "Zodiac signs"Obverse-In the centre of the upper part of the coin coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia. Around the coin inscriptions and symbols: "Republic of Macedonia" (In Macedonian), symbols of the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, "2014", "10 denars" (in Macedonian), the hallmark "Ag 925", symbol of the planets: Saturn, Uranus , Neptune and Pluto. In the centre of the coin: on the left an image of the sun, on the right an image of the moon, hourglass in the middle.Reverse-On the left hand side there is an image of a young girl shooting with a bow and arrow. On the right hand side there is a constellation corresponding to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign painted on a cobalt glass insert and surrounded by an ornament. At the bottom there is a coin name in Latin - "SAGITTARIUS", together with the Sagittarius Zodiac symbol. Chosen elements of the relief - the Sagittarius symbol and girl�s hair are gold painted.