THERMOPYLAE Battle 1$ Tuvalu 2009

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The Battle of Thermopylae was fought in a narrow pass in northern Greece between the invading Persian Empire under King Xerxes and a vastly outnumbered alliance of Greek city-states commanded by King Leonidas of Sparta. With 300 bodyguards, the Spartan King led the defence of the pass for three days, inflicting enormous losses on the elite corps of the Persian army. The task became impossible, however, when a Greek traitor revealed a mountain track above the pass to one of Xerxes’ commanders. Subsequently encircled by the Persian army, the Spartans and their allies fought valiantly to the death. The courageous last stand by Leonidas inspired the united Greeks to ultimate victory in ensuing battles, thereby securing the rise of classical Greece, with its innovative ideas on politics, philosophy and the arts.
Program series:
*Battle of Thermopylae
*Battle of Canae
*Battle of Hastings
*Battle of Balaclava
*Battle of Gettysburg