VASILY TROPININ Masters Of Europe 5$ Cook Islands 2010

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VASILY TROPININ Masters Of Europe 5$ Cook Islands 2010 Silver Coin

Theme Background:

Vasily Andreevich Tropinin (1776 – 1857) Russian Romantic painter. Much of his life was spent as a serf; he didn't attain his freedom until he was more than forty years old. Three of his more important works are a portrait of Alexander Pushkin and paintings called The Lace Maker and The Gold-Embroideress.

Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                         5$ Cook Islands 2010
Mintage                                                                               2.500 pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                               Ag 925.(25gram)
Diameter                                                                        30.0X38.0mm.

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